My last summer fishing trip

Gustavo Mancilla


Summers are definitely never long enough. These times of the year, which we look forward to so much in some states, are a great opportunity for all of us to get outdoors and enjoy the natural wonders of the United States.

Whether you live in Michigan, Florida, Texas, California, or another state; We are fortunate enough to live in a land with plenty of water. And although the shapes and conditions in which it is presented are different in each location, many of us know that when we have free time, it is time to fish!

For me, fishing is a sport that I learned here in the USA. I love the thrill of fishing to the extent that I’ve encouraged myself to buy a boat to go further and have fun at the same time family.

That summer, I had few opportunities to quit for work or family reasons. Still, I was able to treat myself to a little escape. Like every year, I was at the annual event to mark the opening of the fishing season and was able to fish in a stream here in the city. You will be surprised what kind of fish is there.

Fishing is a very daily activity in almost all parts of the country. People with great pride often say “I am a fisherman” (I am a fisherman).

Fishing is also an excuse to get out of everyday life and spend the holiday weekend or wake up on Sunday or Saturday morning, take the boat and fishing rods and get to know a new park, a new A-corner where you can fish and meet other fishermen , and the experts learn from them. And then; A grill! A good tacos or hamburger never likes a fisherman.

I’m not really an expert on fishing, but I’m a sports enthusiast because I know that fishing can give me hours of fun with the whole family or with my friends and their children. It’s great fun when you go on a boat trip and manage to stand in the middle of a lake, pull out the fishing rod, bait it, and make your first cast.

When fishing, I’ve found that there’s no greater fun than discovering new adventures in the national parks or state parks and going out with the family to climb, camp, and share the so-called “s’mores” at the end of the day .

We just had our last fishing trip of the summer, one last chance to go out with the family and enjoy the nice and hot weather. And we had a great time and now I invite you to go out and create your own adventures too.

Let’s go fishing!

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Gustavo Mancilla

Originally from Mexico City’s urban life, Gustavo Mancilla came to the United States in the late 1990s to become an outdoor enthusiast. Gustavo loves discovering new parks and places to enjoy family activities like fishing (of course), boating, and relaxing with his family. For him there is nothing better than being able to swim or fish in the middle of an open lake. Gustavo never misses the annual Fishing Opener Events and loves to share his knowledge as an amateur fisherman with friends and family. Gustavo owns a small boat that he likes to use at every opportunity to go on family fishing trips around the land of 10,000 lakes.

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