Kitten brought her sister to the woman who was helping her and ready to leave the street life behind

A young cat walked up to a friendly person and brought someone with them who was very special.

Orphanage Montreal

One weekend last fall, Milena, a volunteer from Chatons Orphelins Montréal (a cat rescue in Montreal, Canada) was on her way to meet another volunteer after leaving a veterinary clinic. She decided to take a different route, a shortcut to save time.

As she walked down the alley, she noticed a pair of eyes protruding from the bush. A gray kitten, about seven months old, stared curiously at her. Milena stopped and called to the young cat in a low voice, and immediately the cat came running.

“That’s when she noticed that the kitten was pregnant with a big belly. She seemed hungry, so Milena opened a can of food that she happened to have in her purse,” said Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal Love Meow.

Orphanage Montreal

The friendly stray dove right in and peeled off the food. While she was halfway there, she started cooing and meowing. “At first Milena thought that the kitten was just happy to have something to eat and joyful little meows, but suddenly she heard another cat coming from behind.”

Lo and behold, a black and white cat appeared and went straight to the maggot. As it turned out, the gray cat had brought her sister with her and signaled her to join the party.

Orphanage Montreal

Milena was surprised and glad that she was in the right place at the right time. She happened to have an empty porter with which she had just brought a cat to the clinic. It was by chance how everything worked out.

She got on her level to caress her and found that they were both friendly. After getting fed up, the kittens rubbed against their human as if they were ready to leave street life behind. With the help of another volunteer, they brought the two kittens to the rescue.

Orphanage Montreal

“They were less than a year old, most likely from the same litter. No microchip was found. We decided to name them Freya (gray) and Keisha (black and white),” shared Celine Love Meow.

Shortly after her arrival, Freya gave birth to four premature babies who, despite all efforts to save her, unfortunately did not make it. The two sisters will never again have to spend a day on the street or go through a pregnancy again.

Orphanage Montreal

Freya and Keisha went to their nursing home and got used to life as domestic cats. After the ordeal, Keisha gave her sister her undivided attention, comforting and reassuring her that they were safe.

“The two have a very strong bond. They complement each other and are always together.”

Orphanage Montreal

After Keisha was neutered, she insisted on washing her sister’s face even though the cones were in the way.

Check out the two sisters in this cute video:

Cat Sisters

Sweet Freya leaned against her, their cones rubbing against each other as they watched the day go by through the window.

Orphanage Montreal

The bonded couple has really blossomed in the past three months. They are partners in mischief and are constantly planning their next antics.

“Keisha is very active, curious, and troublesome, and Freya is sweet and calm. They are the perfect couple.”

Orphanage Montreal

“Keisha is not afraid of anything and loves to climb the scratching post. She has a scratchy meow that sometimes falls silent,” said Celine.

“Freya is relaxed, loves to cuddle and rub her head against her people to get affection.”

Orphanage Montreal

The sisters are rarely out of sight. “As soon as one gets up to do something, the other comes running and joins in,” added Celine

“They take care of each other and bathe and cuddle each other.”

Orphanage Montreal

Freya and Keisha have been given a wonderful down coat. They are a year old now and more than ready to find a home to spend the rest of their lives in together.

Orphanage Montreal

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