Indispensable deep sea fishing that you cannot do without

There are many different types of fish that you can catch while deep sea fishing. Fish that live in depths over 100 feet can be big and fast, just as they can be small and slow. So, before setting up your deep sea fishing gear, there are 6 questions you should first think about:

1. What is your fishing?

Offshore waters in the northeast can mean cod and haddock just as easily as sharks and tuna. Anglers who fish warm water from the Gulf Stream can attack mahi mahi just as easily as marlin. Customize your deep sea fishing gear to suit your target species.

2. Bottom fishing or sport fishing?

Bottom fish such as Atlantic or Pacific cod are caught by dropping bait or jigs on the bottom. Sport fishing can mean putting a buddy slick, fishing live bait, or trolling. So make sure you have all your fishing gear and tackle separated after each type of fishing

3. Do you have deep sea fishing rods?

You are in great water with currents and waves. The poles must be short and stout, usually 5 to 8 feet in length for a 50 to 80 # line. Graphite blanks provide strength and light weight, a useful feature if you have been fishing a fish for a long time. Roller guides are important for heavy monofilament or wire lines.

4. What about deep sea fishing gear?

Pool conventional reels spooled with wire, mono or braided lines should be larger than 2/0. Don’t forget that you will need swivels to attach mono guides to the braided line and have a variety of sinkers over 3 ounces. Pack warm clothing for cooler water temperatures offshore, and waterproof boots with a rubber sole provide extra traction in a rolling sea.

5. Are there certain types of deep sea fish bait?

Saltwater fishing equipment may change depending on the type of fishing. Bottom fish prefer heavy jigs, tuna like bluefish or mackerel, sharks like bloody chum and marlin and mahi like rock bait with differently shaped heads. A variety of darts, jet heads, bevels, or cups work well. You can also use different types of deep sea fish bait depending on the type of fish you want to catch.

6. Like deep sea fish?

You need a big boat to tackle the open ocean, big fish, crew, and huge amounts of deep sea fishing gear. If you get seasick, take nausea medication before you go. Drink plenty of water!

For fishermen who are used to having boots in the sand or fishing within sight of the land, a fishing trip offshore is an experience. From boats with flying bridges and pulpits, the view is unparalleled like fishing. Learn about deep sea fish and have fun!

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