Austin Bass fishing tips and best takeaway spots

Photo credit Michael Oehrenman

Austin, the capital of Texas, is in the Hill Country region of Texas. Fishing for bass in Austin, as well as fishing in Texas in general, can be phenomenal due to the long, warm season of the year and the damming that creates high quality water resources.

The Colorado River is seized in the city of Austin, forming the slow river-like Lake Austin and Lady Bird Lake. Most of the coast is privately owned and has limited access to the coast, along with a few public parks that have a few boat ramps maintained by the Austin Park and Rec Department. Recreational boats can be heavy during the day, especially in summer. Therefore, off-peak hours such as evenings and cooler months may be the best time to try your luck. Fishing can also be affected by the release of water from the dam of another nearby Colorado River dam, the “lake-like” giant Lake Travis.

Walter E. Long Lake is much smaller and is east of Austin. It is also known for great bass fishing. The water here is used to cool a power plant so it stays warm in winter when the power plant is running. The hybrid striped bass here and in Lake Travis is a bonus for Austin fishing with anglers who have success with jigging spoons or topwater lures. Other bass fishing options in Austin include Lake Georgetown, Granger Lake, and Lake Kyle.

Bring standard bass fishing tackle, but this medium weight rod and reel combo with an 8-10 pound line can potentially be put to the test. The chance of a real blowhole is so high that the state has a ShareLunker program that will pass the genetics of these giants on to new generations at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center near Athens, Texas.

Soft plastic screw systems are hard to beat all summer long. In cooler temperatures, spinnerbaits or swimbaits and lipless crank baits can get this reaction bite. If you’re bass fishing in Austin, get smaller and consider more finesse presentations for smaller rivers and creeks like McKinney Falls State Park.

Although bass fishing in Austin typically uses normal bashing techniques, you should be open about bass fishing tips. Austin is also known for a bridge that spans Lady Bird Lake and is home to over a million bats. Bass is opportunistic and will eat almost anything that can fit in that oversized mouth. In fact, bat bait was introduced at ICAST this year. Maybe on my next trip to Texas after getting my fishing license, all I need to do is try one of these unique topwater lures under this bridge.

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