5 Summer Bass Fishing Tricks You Can Use Now

Summer bass fishing can put your fishing skills to the test, especially if you live in the southern states, but that’s part of the appeal too. To enjoy a respectable Micropterus salmoides in the spring months, you don’t need to have too many tricks up your sleeve. For late summer bass fishing, however, you may need to use some magical tips along with the best summer bass fishing lures.

1. Go early or late

If you’re wondering when to fish for bass in late summer, hit the water before sunrise to brave the heat. If you can’t go early, plan on fishing at dusk. The best times to fish for bass are the cooler times of the day. This is one of the most important basics of summer bass fishing for beginners.

2. Choose your summer fishing waters wisely

Look at ponds, lakes, or reservoirs that are either densely overgrown or relatively deep. Vegetation contributes to higher levels of dissolved oxygen, and the bass requires more oxygen as water temperatures rise. As you can imagine, deeper water is generally cooler. This means that as air and water temperatures rise, bass is often on the deep side of slopes and ledges.

3. Start flat and move too deep

When you’ve read about all of the bass fishing tips that apply to shallow water, it’s time to broaden your mindset. You can start shallow early in the morning, but be ready to take your summer bass fishing game into deeper waters when the sun rises higher in the sky. The trick to catching fish in deeper water with hot weather depends on your ability to locate the structure.

4. Use a contour map or a topographic map

Once you’re learning how to fish, one of the best things you can do is find a contour map and use it to locate the structure in deeper water. These maps are especially useful for late summer bass fishing trips when hot weather pushes fish to depths where the water is cooler. A contour map will help you find useful clues about the composition of the soil and the submerged structure. Note all cairns, humps, flats, canals and submerged areas.

5. Take out your crank baits, spinner baits, and soft plastic rigs

Get out your deep diving crank baits, heavy spinner bait, and soft plastic tackle. . Use your Texas or Carolina-mounted soft plastic worms early in shallow water, but then break out the deep-diving crank and spinner baits to bypass deep dips and ledges in the warmer morning hours.

Now that you have a few summer bass fishing tricks to pull out of your hat when the bite slows in warm weather. For more bass fishing tips and techniques that apply to other seasons, see the freshwater fishing pages.

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