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Bruna Carincotte


Fishing has undeniable charms that we are all familiar with. It’s an effective way to relax, share pleasant moments in good company, and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. What many do not imagine is that fishing is much more. Every excursion is an opportunity to experience something new and unpredictable. The surprise can be anywhere, you just have to go out and live the experiences and let the world manifest in front of you. Many unique and charming things can happen on a fishing day. Here we show you a few examples.

1. Understood, understood! …I can not believe it

They feel like they are itchy. The tension of the thread increases in the same way as your heartbeat. You begin to collect the role with the skill of a professional. You don’t want it to go away. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t catch a fish. The hook simply grabbed a boot, some herbs, or some other submerged object. After this disappointment, you won’t help but laugh and think, “Well, it will be next time.”

2. We’re almost there

In other cases, we are lucky enough to catch a live, colorful, real fish. But he wants to live as long as we want to catch him, and he will not hesitate to take advantage of the slightest oversight. They do all of the work of getting the fish out of the water, and when you unhook it and put it on the bottom of the boat … ahhh! He makes a leap of survival and returns to the water.

3. You make contacts in a special way

Aside from anything related to the sea, fishing will find people with the same interests and hobbies. It will be very easy to start a conversation with other fishermen and they will generally share important information with you so that you can enjoy the fishing experience to the fullest. They’ll tell you where the schools of fish are, they’ll share their bait and they’ll even give you their fish if luck doesn’t smile at you that day. You will become part of a community of fishing enthusiasts.

4. This one goes for social networks

Of course, you can’t miss the photo with the hat, sunglasses, rod in one and the fish you (finally) caught in the other. This is irrefutable proof that your fishing trip was a success.

5. Ahh … Mother Nature!

Family fishing in the boat640.jpg
Fishing gives you the opportunity to interact with the environment, whether you are aware of it or not. The gentle sea breeze, the sound of the waves, the seagulls and the landscape remind you that there is no artistic creation that compares to the beautiful planet we live on. As much as we love the city, taking a break to enjoy the outdoors and go out by boat is a great gift to share with the whole family.

There is no doubt that going out to fish by boat is an inexhaustible source of wonderful experiences. What situations did you have to live in on a fishing trip? Share your anecdotes with us! Remember that you must obtain a fishing license before fishing. And if you have a boat, for your safety and to avoid fines, you must have the boat registration up to date.

Find out where to fish and sail with your family and enjoy a day outdoors with your friends.

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Bruna Carincotte

Bruna Carincotte

Bruna Carincotte brings extensive international experience in marketing, communication and public relations to the RBFF. Bruna is from Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. She has 13 years of experience in communications and has relevant project management skills developed in Latin America, Europe and North America.
Bruna is now in charge of public relations and social media strategies, as well as content development for RBFF’s social media channels and for Take Me Fishing ™ | responsible for campaigns for the Vamos a Pescar ™ brand.

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