3 simple accessories to add to your fishing trip

Summer is here and with it the opportunity for long fishing trips or lazy fishing days with the family. There’s always a lot of gear to pack, but did you know there’s a three-piece auto accessory combo that makes it easier to organize your rods, reels, waders, and that all-important cooler? They also offer protection for passengers and for your car itself. The Travall Guard, Divider and Liner, three vehicle-specific items from Travall, keep your fishing tackle, your fishing friends and your dog ready for the road.

The guard

With our vehicle specific barrier, you no longer have to worry about overpacking your trunk or cargo space. You can safely fit more gear in your trunk or hold. The protection is made of steel mesh so that you have a clear view through your rearview mirror. The installation of a vehicle-specific house barrier protects passengers from loose cargo. It offers a versatile alternative to fixed cargo barriers as the home barrier can be installed in an average of 30 minutes and does not require any modifications to your vehicle. It can be removed in no time and reinstalled if necessary.

The divider

The trunk divider easily separates your waders and coolers from your fishing tackle or keeps it away from your gear when you’ve brought your dog with you. The divider works exclusively with the travall guard. Both the guard and divider are made of steel and have a unique non-toxic coating that resists scratches and scrapes. This is ideal if your dog is chewing. Installation and dismantling is easy and takes just a few minutes.

The liner

The rubber trunk mat is a must have for every fisherman as it protects the carpeted floor of your trunk from wet gear, dirt and paw prints. It offers your dog comfort on a ride, with the textured surface aiding load stability. The trunk mat is made from the same rubber as your vehicle’s tires, but with a delicate scent of vanilla to remove unpleasant rubber smells and keep your car smelling fresh. The clever lip design ensures that dirt and liquids stay away from the mat and carpeting of your trunk, so you can easily tidy up after your trip. This trunk mat can withstand extreme temperatures, so you can be sure that it won’t deteriorate or crack over time.

All three products have been specially developed for each vehicle brand and model to ensure a perfect fit and to make clattering barriers a thing of the past. The installation of this three piece combo provides comfort and protection for the entire gang, which is sure to make them a family favorite. Protect your vehicle from the rigors of transport so you can do the important business of relaxing and enjoying your fishing experience. No dog or fishing tackle is left behind, everyone enjoys the trip.

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