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Repairing Hail-damaged Roofs

Jul 19

There are signs that hail damages the roof. The most obvious sign is missing asphaltshingles. Although hail damage is more difficult to identify but you can feel it. The dents will eventually fall apart. Hail damage can also affect the gutters, which may require replacement if blocked, allowing water to get into the foundation. It also affects windows, siding and flashing.

Hail damage repair costs

It's possible that you are wondering what it would cost to fix your roof after an event like a hailstorm. Most of the time, hail damage to roofs are covered by homeowner's insurance up to a specified dollar amount. If you've needed repairs prior to the hailstorm but your insurance might not cover this expense. In order to file a claim, contact your insurance company immediately. Hail damage may take various types. Impact marks of a round shape can be seen on asphalt shingles. Impact marks that are darker may be seen on composite or wood shingles. Metal roof gutters and roof panels could also show damage.

When the hail damage occurs, homeowners can minimize the expense of roof repairs by quickly arranging an expert roofing company to inspect the damage. Waiting too long to arrange for a roofer could result in additional damage to the underlayment which could result in a higher cost to repair. The delayed repairs may require a the use of a vapor barrier, plywood or structural trusses. After assessing the damage, a roofer can start fixing the roof.

Hail damage is covered by homeowners insurance if the claim is filed within one year. If you are waiting too long, the insurance company won't pay for any additional damage. While hail damage is covered under most homeowner's policies but waiting too long could result in costly repairs that are unnecessary. If you're still uncertain about the amount of insurance coverage, don't let it stop you from calling your insurance company. The insurance company will likely provide coverage for roof repairs due to hail if you file the claim within a year after the incident.

Signs and symptoms of hail damage

When you are doing repairs to your roof Look for these indications of hail damage. Cracks in your roof and gutters, dents and puddles of water on the surface or inside the house. Also, look for cracked or torn screens, cracks in your vent caps. Also, look for dents on your shingles or chimney covers. They could be a sign of severe hail damage. Luckily, you don't need to complete a repair to determine the damage caused by a hail storm.

Observe your metal roof components for signs of hail damage. Look for tiny holes or dents in your roof's metal components. Gritty areas around downspouts or gutters may indicate an issue in your roof. Also, check your gutters for loosened asphalt granules. If they're damaged you may need to have your roof replaced. Also, you should examine any gutters that are damaged.

Alongside your roof, be on the lookout for signs of hail damage to your other roofing materials. Hail can damage siding, window casings and gutters. The impact of hail can even damage your A/C unit. It is imperative to call a roofing professional when you notice any scratches. If there aren't any obvious evidence of hail damage on your roof, it's best to leave it to a professional to inspect it.

Repairing hail-damaged roofs

The cost of repairing damage from hail can vary widely. The typical repair cost for a roof is $700. However, it depends on the roofing material employed and the severity of the hail damage. Tile roofs, for example will cost anything between $700 and $800 per square foot. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, can be priced between $1 and $5 for each square foot. The price of a total replacement can range from $1,700 all the way to $8,400. Repairs to metal roofing can cost as little as $300 to $400.

Take into consideration the magnitude and extent of hail damage before calculating the cost of hail damage roofs. Based on the type of roof and where the storm occurred, a comprehensive roof repair will cost between $4500 and $25,000 Repairing damaged hail damage to roofs could cost between $380 to $1,650. This includes hiring an expert roof inspector.


You need to find an honest roofing contractor in your local area. Delaying repairs could cause further damage to the roof's underlayment that could cost you more. Even if a hailstorm is just a tiny portion of the overall cost for a roofing, delayed repairs can require the installation of additional shingles, insulation, plywood, and structural trusses. If you're insured for homeowners, your insurer might reimburse the cost of repairing the roof that was damaged by hail.

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