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Say Goodbye: When It's Time to Take Down Your Tree

Apr 2

Say Goodbye: When It's Time to Take Down Your Tree

By Tree Trimmers Kansas City


Trees can be difficult to remove because they bring so much beauty and value to the surrounding area. A tree that looks healthy to the untrained eye could be a disaster waiting to happen.


Tree removal is the last resort when there is no safe alternative to tree trimming or disease prevention. Trees that have died, are dying, or are otherwise hazardous can cause thousands of dollars of damage and irreparable injury. Sometimes, a tree removed in Kansas City MO doesn't seem to be dangerous until a storm has exposed its faults or heavy snow.


Tree owners are responsible for any injury or damage that a tree causes. You can identify whether a tree is in trouble by looking at its branches, roots, trunk, and location.


These are red warning signs that your tree needs to get evaluated and possibly taken down by a professional.


  • If ..., you need to get in touch with an arborist.


Infection symptoms may be present. Tree disease symptoms include crown dieback and bark cracks. Trees that have emergent holes or woodpeckers consuming large amounts of the tree's food are all signs that they may be infested by unwelcome pests.


There are many dead branches visible in the tree's crown. They are sometimes called widow-makers because they can fall at will and cause severe damage to people below. You should remove trees that are dead or damaged at 50% or more.


  • How do I hire an Arborist? Ask an Arborist.


Your tree isn’t healthy. Check the health and vitality of your tree in relation to other trees. The signs of poor health include lackluster growth, decreased leaf cover, and discolored leaves. The cause may need to be diagnosed by a professional.


There have been root problems. Root problems are not always obvious. However, shifting soil and the growth of fungi near the tree base can indicate a problem.

  • A tree trunk can support a mushroom family.


The trunk is in poor shape. Cracks in the trunk or large wounds can indicate internal decay. Dead branch stubs may also be an indicator of internal damage. Many people do not realize that trees can live for many years without internal damage. Some trees can survive internal deterioration for a while and may even survive, but eventually, they will die. Trees with many trunks, also known as leaders, may have structural problems in the near future.


The tree's interior is hollow. A tree with an empty trunk is dangerous and has suffered severe damage. If the tree is rotting, hollow on the interior, you will need to cut off a third.


The tree has started to lean. While not all trees that lean are dangerous, a tree suddenly leaning to one side may indicate structural problems.


A house or another construction is too close. Trees that are too close or hang over a roof or structure may need to go. Trees that are large should be at least 20ft from structures or houses.

  • The Appropriate tree for the Appropriate location


The tree may not need to be cut if it is in a wooded area, or far from buildings and people. These trees can be used as a refuge and home for wildlife such as woodpeckers.


Some tree failures can't be predicted, but it is comforting knowing that many of them can be avoided by taking preventative steps. This is the best time to inspect trees before they are damaged by winter storms or severe summer storms. You should contact a professional if any of the above signs are present. Tree removal jobs can be dangerous for property owners and homeowners.


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