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My Roof Looks Perfect: Roof Inspections are Essential

Mar 26

My Roof Looks Perfect: Roof Inspections are Essential

By Portland Commercial Roofing


The blessings and the curses of homeownership can be mixed. The freedom to build your own home and do whatever you like is something that you love. But, if something goes wrong, it is your responsibility to make any necessary repairs or modifications.

It's crucial that you learn how to properly maintain your home. It is possible to prevent small issues from becoming big problems by doing so. An inspection of the roof can be a valuable tool if you aren't sure what to do with one of your most important assets.

True or False

I think my roof is good and doesn't need to get inspected.

Is the above true? Let us know. Although many people believe this, it's false. Even if everything seems fine, getting your roof inspected will ensure that your roof stays in top condition.

Take a look at your gut

A roof inspection is intended to examine your roof's health and any other parts that may be affected by it. It is possible that your gutters are not in good condition. As they collect the water from your roof and redirect the water down the side, gutters play an important role in the operation of your home.

Gutters that aren't in good condition can cause water damage and a puddle to form. Water damage is costly and can result in extensive water damage. An inspection of your roof will include your gutters so that you are not subject to the pain of water flooding into your home through your roof.

Shingles and Tiles Damage

You might think you are a diligent homeowner who checks often to make sure no roofing tiles or roof shingles are missing. This is a common mistake. When you come home after a long day at work the last thing that will cross your mind is checking your roof.

Inspections don't just look for obvious damage; they also look for hidden damage. An inspector might find that asphalt shingles are starting to lose their granules. Your roof is like a puzzle. If one piece is missing, your entire roof could become more susceptible.

Prepare for Hurricane Season

Portland offers sunny, warm weather all year. It also means that you will enter hurricane season between late summer/fall. It is the ideal time to inspect your roof.

This inspection helps to identify common problems and also ensures your roof is hurricane-ready. This is important, as hurricane season last year was extremely severe and could again be this year. You should make sure your home has the best protection.

It's okay that you don't know everything

Sometimes it is difficult to be a master of every trade. You shouldn't stress. The truth is that you don't know everything about roofs. You may not know what to do to make them last longer. Regular roof inspections are a smart idea.

Homeownership can seem overwhelming, especially for someone new to the area. There are so many things you have to do to make your home a success. However, it is essential to be proactive. You can trust professionals to inspect your roof and help you feel secure that your home is doing its best.

Let the professionals come and inspect your roof to determine if it needs any repairs. So you can feel confident that you are taking good care of your home. To schedule your roof inspection.



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